Mi Mix 2S shows off Xiaomi’s Xiao AI virtual assistant

After thousands of leaks, negations, and speculations Xiaomi finally unveiled the legendary Mi Mix 2S on the last month. The new addition to the line of smartphones that really started the race for bezel-less displays came with the best of the industry. That includes the almighty Snapdragon 845 paired with 6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB of internal storage if this doesn’t look enough to you the bigger variant with 8GB RAM and 256GB will sure do.

Curiously, the smartphone was the first Xiaomi’s handset to include company’s AI virtual assistant. Since AI is one of the most recurring themes among manufacturers in the recent years, Xiaomi produced a new ad for the Mi Mix 2S teasing the capabilities of Xiao AI.

Just checking the ad we can notice that Xiaomi’s virtual assistant share some similarities with Google Assistant, mostly due to the same multi-colored bars used by both assistants. According to what we can see, through Xiao AI users can stream music, translate menus, send texts, set timers, and alarms, open applications, activate the camera and much more.

As previously reported Xiaomi has plans for entering US market sometime in this year, would be amazing to see Xiao AI going against another established assistants like Assistant, Cortana and Siri. For the time being Xiao AI functionality is limited to the Chinese Language, but it can have more languages support in the future. For now, let’s keep following Mi Mix 2S reception among consumers.

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