Blackview P10000 Pro Featuring 5V/5A Low Voltage Tech for Faster & Cooler Charging

Blackview P10000 Pro

In a fast-paced world, shorter recharge times means more time to stay connected with what you love and avoid missing out any important moments.

Blackview P10000 Pro

As Blackview’s latest long-lasting flagship smartphone, the Blackview P10000 Pro packs in a massive 11000mAh battery and a breakthrough 5V/5A low voltage fast charge technology. To put it in perspective, the iPhone X needs more than 3 hours to fully charge its mediocre-sized 2716mAh battery, meanwhile the Blackview P10000 Pro is able to full up its massive 11000mAh juice pack in around 2 hours 25 minutes.

Blackview just released a video to show how this fast charge technology works; let’s check it out down below:

In the video we see how the Blackview P10000 Pro gets a 4% power boost (equivalent to 440mAh battery) in around 5 minutes, with this 4% you’re then able to watch online videos for around 30 minutes with brightness set at half.

Compared to traditional 9V/12V high-voltage fast charging technology, 5V/5A low-voltage high-current fast-charging solution brings advantages like: faster charging, less heat,and thus: more safety.

Together with MediaTek, Blackview’s engineers took 16 months of R&D to make this 5V/5A low voltage fast charge technology become reality, also known as the PUMP EXPRESS 4.0.

Blackview P10000 Pro

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Pump Express 4.0 cuts Blackview P10000 Pro battery recharge times by over half, also thanks to the new USB-C cable which was entirely custom-built to support up to 5 Amps of current. The technology is compatible with the international standard of ‘USB PD 3.0 programmable power supplies’, allowing standard USB PD 3.0 fast chargers to boost Pump Express 4.0-enabled Blackview P10000 Pro.

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Blackview P10000 Pro

To achieve these new features and provide consumers with a better fast charging experience, Blackview spent 4 times more than usual for charger and supporting components. The 5V/5A low voltage fast charge technology does indeed require a fully custom manufacturing of the power adapters, connectors, wires and batteries.

Thanks to the custom production, this fast charge technology now has overload protection, fast charge condition identification protection, interface overload protection, battery overload protection and battery fuse protection, which makes it 5 total ways to protect the phone.

Blackview P10000 Pro

In conclusion, the Blackview P10000 Pro appears to be a really throughout device with lot of time and money spent to perfect every single detail. The massive capacity battery is then the icing on the cake which makes it standout from the competition. If you want to learn more about the P10000 Pro or purchase one, head over to its AliExpress product page.

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