DBPOWER Portable Projector on Sale at Amazon

DBPOWER Portable Projector

Projectors have become quite affordable in the last years. Now you can get one for less than $50 if you really wanted to, but let’s leave those to the kids. If you want something that you will actually use in your daily life, then check out the DBPOWER portable projector now on sale on Amazon for just $94.99.

DBPOWER Portable Projector

The DBPOWER portable projector offers a 50% brighter and sharper image than other comparable mini projectors on the market. It also supports high-resolution 1080p videos which means you can enjoy your favorite movies on a screen size of between 32-176 inches with a projection distance of 1.5-5m.

Furthermore, by placing the projector at the optimum distance of 1.8 to 2.0m, you will achieve a super-clear and bright images.

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DBPOWER Portable Projector

This projector can be connected to laptops, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, DVD players, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Xbox, offering great versatility. Finally, DBPOWER’s projector comes with lower noise and is more than previous models thanks to advanced fan cooling technology. The advanced bulb design is also highly energy efficient, thereby uses less energy.

You can get the DBPOWER portable projector on Amazon for just $94.99.

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1 Comment

  1. Jester Lee
    April 27, 2018

    “It also supports high-resolution 1080p videos…” — I see this too often: please stop quoting supported resolution because it’s useless information and only serves to confuse/mislead customers. Instead, state the NATIVE resolution, which is 800×480. “Supports 1080” only means it will take a 1080 picture and downscale it to 480 — big whooping deal.