LeveTop: The Autonomous Folding Drone Now on Indiegogo

Levetop drone

If you love drones and recording videos with them, then the latest LeveTop drone that recently popped up on Indiegogo might be something you might really like. This very unique drone is indeed ultra-portable and intelligent as it comes with an advanced GPS system. But that’s only some of the many things that make it cool; keep reading to learn more!

Levetop drone

The LeveTop drone is a compact quadcopter with four folding arms. That means you can either hide them within the body to make it extra portable or unleash them outdoor to fly the drone and record some pretty amazing video footage.

We say “amazing” because the LeveTop drone is packed with a CMOS sensor, just like on digital cameras, to capture crisp & clear videos at 1080p resolution and a wide 120-degree viewing angle. The drone then comes with all the software you need to quickly share all the photos and videos you grabbed with your friends over on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

The LeveTop drone is also very useful as an hands-free camera, whether you’re at the beach or in a park, you simply let it hover and the drone will take care of everything.

Through the app it’s also incredibly easy to take off and land in one click. In fact, LeveTop’s precision positioning technology makes smart landing so smart, it’ll actually return to the same spot you took off.

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Meanwhile if you lose control, all you have to do is press the Emergency button and the propellers will automatically stop rotating, avoiding damage to the drone or people around.

Levetop drone

Another cool feature on the LeveTop drone is the track and follow system. It works using both GPS and vision positioning to keep track of a subject and follow it wherever it goes. Additionally, there’s a Geo-fence technology which allows you to define an area in which you want to fly as well as boundaries the drone can’t trespass.

Finally, the drone comes with a big 1500mAh battery for about 20 minutes of flying and it can reach speeds of up to 33mph.

Learn more about the LeveTop Autonomous Folding Drone or support the campaign over on Indiegogo.

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