Zebronics Max Pro RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review: Gamer’s Dream!

Zebronics Max Pro Gaming Keyboard Review:

The craziest thing about Mechanical Keyboards is that they tend to bridge the gap between the new generation non-tactile keyboards to the ones from the typewriter era. Most budget keyboards today use dome-switch technology, which helps to budget the expenses of the manufacturer. But leading to posses a relatively lacky and mushy feel to its users. This is what mechanical keyboards are trying to solve by offering a tactile feedback for each button press. Once you choose to shift to a mechanical keyboard, then you might never shift back. In this line-up Zebronics has released a new add-on to its max series: the Zebronics Max Pro!


Talking about the design, there are some major aesthetic changes that elevates the design & overall feel, making the Zebronics Max Pro a worthy follow-up to its predecessor.

This time Zebronics has choose to adapt the black matte exterior instead of the glossy finish. The keyboard weighs around 1.3kgs and is designed to withstand stress, thus offering a rigid experience. The only drawback I saw on the design aspect is that it lacks a wrist rest. This is one major feature I look forward when purchasing a gaming keyboard. But yes! if you’re looking for a durable keyboard that respects the scarcity of your desk space, then I think the Zebronics Max Pro will suit your choice. Also this time Zebronics has done a great job in choosing the perfect font, it certainly offers justice to the overall design choice. The device has a 1.8m Braided Cable which is really flexible & rigid. The best part is that the matte surface does not attract too many fingerprints as well.

The Max Pro is every gamer’s Dream Budget Keyboard

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Gaming & Features:

One of the key features of a good mechanical keyboard is called N-Key Rollover. This feature helps to detect each key-press independently. Which means you wouldn’t miss to record a key when several keys are pressed simultaneously. And that’s perfectly been carried out by the Zebronics Max Pro. The Keys are pretty tactile and gives a great feel while coding or playing games. Usually most of the mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX switches but leading to an increased net price. Thus Zebronics wanted to make the keyboard affordable by choosing the Outemu Switches. When I first heard that Zebronics are using Outemu, I didn’t actually have a good feel about this choice. Though it did kind-off prove me wrong! The Outemu switches are crisp, loud, and gives a pretty tactile feedback.

Okay this is the best part. The keyboard comes with some vibrant multi-color LED lights. The back-light is clean and beautifully projected with 6 LED Brightness levels, helping you to adjust depending up-on the environment. The keyboard has some super cool pre-programmed LED modes. Starting of with, you can increase or decrease the brightness using the up and down arrow. The colors can be changed by using the Function key and the right arrow. Also the movement of lights can be changes using the left arrow. Further the keyboard offers 5 Speed Levels of the LED which can be controlled using the + or – buttons. Another feature that caught me was that you can highlight only the WASD keys. Isn’t that super cool!


The combination of responsive typing and a gorgeous design makes the Zebronics Max Pro worth every penny that you pay. The device is currently priced lesser than 4000 INR or $60, and that is pretty much a decent cost for a mechanical keyboard. Other than not opting for the Cherry MX keys and the lack of Wrist rest, the device still stands as a killer piece of tech!

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