eMeet OfficeCore M2: The First AI-Powered Conference Speaker

eMeet OfficeCore M2

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become quite popular – almost essential – in the recent years, at least as far as flagship smartphones are concerned. But AI isn’t limited to handsets, as you well know other type of devices use AI, the likes of Google Home & Amazon Echo, etc..

eMeet OfficeCore M2

Artificial Intelligence is apparently also used in conference speakers now, as we learn from the latest eMeet OfficeCore M2. The smart speaker does indeed use AI tech to pick up sound at long distances and turn it loud and crystal-clear voice chat. The device is also quite compact and portable, so you can bring it pretty much anywhere you go and turn any workspace into a conference room. The OfficeCore M1 was rated No.1 among the 10 best Bluetooth speakerphone in wiki ezvid.

As the name suggest, the M2 is the second gen speaker, which has been a big step forward over the original M1. The M2 does indeed use AI technology – VoiceIA™ – based on Deep Learning algorithms, to reduce environmental noise automatically. The speaker also recognizes voices from different angles and display the directions with its intelligent LED lamps.
This means that if you need to take a call at home, in a busy office or in an hotel room, the noise-cancelling microphones array of the M2 will always offer a crisp voice chat experience.

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Getting into the specifics we learn that the VoiceIA™ Algorithm is an AI adaptive noise suppression technology.
The VoiceIA™ algorithm, based on artificial intelligence – DNN(Deep Neural Network) – can effectively suppress background noise and eliminate echo effectively. So, even if used in a noisy environment, such near a projector, an air conditioning system or other, the external noise will be reduced to the point of becoming inaudible, thus increasing call quality.

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The AI algorithm built-in OfficeCore M2 can also calculate the distance between the presenter and the M2, then automatically adjusts the microphone volume, no need for manual setups.
With its highly sensitive MEMS digital Microphone Array, the M2 can pick up sound at a distance of up to 26~33ft with a coverage of 1 to 12 people per room.

eMeet OfficeCore M2

The M2 units can also link with each other, to expand the distance of pick-up & play sound. With infinite expandability, you can use the speaker in a pretty large area if you wanted to. Similar products top at 2 connected devices.

The eMeet OfficeCore M2 will soon be available for purchase on websites such as Amazon. Stay tuned for any updates.

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