Xiaomi Launches An 100-inch Laser Screen For 6899 Yuan ($1,088)

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Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, has released so many TVs in recent times. The company has recorded massive sales with its Xiaomi Mi TV 4A series and it has now announced a new product. Today, Xiaomi launched a special 100-inch laser screen for 6899 Yuan ($1,088). This display adopts multiple features that ensure that even in the brightest environments, its display is still vivid. It uses the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio and produces 2214 x 1245 images. In addition, it comes with a projection distance of 550±40mm and a 142±10% vertical offset rate. Simply put, this is a laser TV that can be used as a projector screen.

An enterprise of Guangfeng Xiaomi Ecological Chain, Fengmi Technology, is behind the display quality of this 100-inch laser screen. Its innovation with ALPD laser display tackles most of the technical problems from a high cost of laser source tri-color equalization to low energy efficiency. This TV is equipped with the latest ALPD 3.0 technology, which achieves low cost and high performance (100% CLO, high contrast, no speckle).

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