How to Fly Your Drone Like A Pro

How to Fly Your Drone Like A Pro

Did you finally decide to get yourself a fun-packed drone but you have no experience flying one? Then you’re in the right place! Before flying a drone, there are some basic rules and precautions you need to learn about. Whether you fly Sky Viper drones or any other multi-copter, you have to understand that it’s not as easy as you may think.

How to Fly Your Drone Like A Pro

While pros will brag and show off their flying capabilities, beginners often crash and permanently damage their drones a few moments after first take off. That’s why we decided to give you some tips on how to fly your drone like a pro. Before we get into the details though, here are some safety rules you should follow:

  • First check the speed of the wind
  • Consider flying your drone in an open field away from power lines and tall buildings
  • Minimize distractions and avoid using your phone while flying your drone
  • Avoid flying your drone near people

Let’s now get to the real tips!

1. Refrain yourself from using manual mode too fast

How to Fly Your Drone Like A Pro

Manual mode is intended for people with higher level of experience in flying drones. When using manual mode, the system that is meant to provide a smooth flying experience, will shut off, denying your drone of the required stability. This will make your drone to crash easily or overheat it. Therefore, you should not engage manual modes if you are not an expert flyer. However, if you can engage manual mode, ensure you are flying your drone in a perfect environment where your drone will be safe. Consider flying your drone at low altitudes at the beginning until you familiarize with the manual mode, after that you’ll be able to conquer the sky.

2. Inspect your drone prior to flying

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This applies to both the experts and first-time drone flyers. Before you decide to fly your drone, you need to check some things first. You need to follow the pre-flight checklist: check whether the batteries have enough power to fly your drone, check how the batteries are installed, check all the parts of your drone to ensure they are all functional check the propellers are safely in place, if you will record video footage, check the MicroSD card if it’s properly installed. Once you have checked all these things, you will make your flight an exciting one, since there will be no chances of failure of your drone as it hits the sky.

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3. Observe the laws of flying a drone

Every region has its own laws and regulation that must be obeyed when flying drones and these should be in your mind always before you fly your drone. Failing to follow these laws can lead to injuries or legal problems. For instance, in some countries, flying a drone above airports, in places with many people or on power lines is prohibited. Follow these laws so that you can fly safely while respecting the law.

4. Observe the speed of the wind when flying your drone

If you are considering flying your drone outdoors, be cautious of windy conditions. Most drones that fall and burn are a result of wind. If you find out that the speed of the wind outside is above 10 miles per hour, just don’t bring your drone out for flight. While there are some drones that will automatically adjust according to the speed of the winds so that the speed of the motor increases, some are not capable of doing that. So check the mode setting of your drone, if you find it’s adjusted to indoors settings change it to outdoor so that it becomes stable for outdoor flights.

5. Make use of the GPS mode

The GPS mode is a great feature that comes with the latest drones. This feature helps users know where their drone is during flights. This feature is helpful when you want to record video footage or take photos of specific locations. The GPS feature helps both the expert pilots and beginners. The good thing about the GPS mode is that you don’t have to control your copter/drone; it has the ability to balance itself and hover without you controlling it. Another advantage of the GPS mode is the ability to know where your drone is located after a crash, so that you can grab it, hopefully fix it and get it back in the sky.

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