junsun H9 Plus Car DVR Camera Supporting ADAS at $65

None of you will face a problem when looking for a dash cam because the market is full of various brands. But you should sweat if you want to find a smart car DVR camera with many useful functions besides video recording. Say, very few people are aware of the brand we are going to talk about. But the junsun H9 Plus is a great offer. Moreover, it is priced quite affordable at $65.

junsun H9 Plus

The junsun H9 Plus sports a 3-inch IPS screen with a Full HD resolution and a dual-lens camera that is capable of recording Full HD videos at 30fps. The 170-degree wide-angle camera is capable of capturing everything around your car. It is also very powerful inside. The dash cam is packed with a Mstar AIT8328P dual-core chip clocked at 600MHz. It allows the DVR camera to provide a smooth and stable operation. There is also 300mAh battery that allows it to work for a few hours even without plugged into the power source.

Apart from these features, the junsun H9 Plus comes with more useful features. This DVR camera supports Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). A regular ADAS integrates Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). It uses the camera and sensors to sweep for a car and other objects, including pedestrians or animals. So when it detects that it’s about to hit something at low speeds, it breaks to avoid the collision.

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This system is coupled with Forward Collision Warning (FCW). It uses a signal to let you know that you should try to avoid the car or another object. The next amazing feature coming with ADAS is the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). It uses the same sensors as AEB to keep track of the car in front of you on the highway.

The junsun H9 Plus supports Lane Departure Warning. Thus, it uses sensors to locate the lines of the highway. If this system detects you are drifting across lines, it will warn you via a signal or a flash.

The junsun H9 Plus has a secondary camera that should be installed on the back of the car. It supports night vision as well. Thus the Parking Assist option will help you at any time of the day.

The rest of features include G-sensor that is very useful when a collision occurs. It will automatically lock the recorded video to provide an accurate record of events in the future.

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