Apple iPhones Might Never Have Any Motorised Parts


According to a leading industry analyst, Apple might never resort to using mechanical or motorized parts in their iPhones. Horace Dediu told that the market leader should avoid implementing motorised parts into their iPhones.

Mr Dediu argued that the demerits of a mechanical component outweigh the merits of a mechanical component. He said, “Motorised parts are a bad idea for many reasons. Slow, subject to wear, likely to be damaged, collecting dirt, not water resistant, distracting, costly. I can think of few ideas with less merit.” Mr Dediu does make a compelling argument. While Oppo and Vivo are receiving accolades for their brave and unique design choices, Apple might never consider using mechanical parts. Instead, they might focus on the removal of the lightning port and sim try in their next device.

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While Apple did manage to get rid of the chin on the iPhone X, the notch still rests on the top. If Apple wants to beat the likes of the Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex, they will have to come up with a method that will either eliminate the notch or at least reduce it by a significant amount. The Oppo Find X, like Apple, uses structured light for face unlock while Vivo relies on an in-display fingerprint scanner.

If we are to speculate over some design choices, there are a few approaches Apple can take to bring about the next big thing in the market. For starters, either implementing the Face ID or the fingerprint scanner modules under the screen. This will eliminate the need for a notch on top. Apple has already managed to get rid of the chin and this would help get rid of the notch, allowing for a truly bezel-less display. But this is just a speculation and we have no idea what’s cooking at Apple. But as far as motorised parts are concerned, you might never see them in an iPhone.


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