Samsung Losing its Hold on the Smartphone Market?

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s year-on-year sales with regards to their phones have apparently seen a decrease. The dip in sales comes in the form of lesser models being sold of the newer phone as compared to its predecessor. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S9 sold lesser units than the Galaxy S8 which sold lesser units as compared to the S7. If this trend continues, Samsung might lose the position it holds in the smartphone market.

The sales of Samsung smartphones are expected to drop in the April-June quarter, as most consumers prefer the more pocket-friendly options like Xiaomi. Another factor working against Samsung is the lack of innovation across their entire range of smartphones. Samsung’s mid-range smartphones are barely any good then Xiaomi’s affordable smartphones. They lack the hardware that makes a mid-range smartphone. The price to performance ratio does not work for consumers.

Samsung’s lead over Apple too will probably not stay for long, since the iPhone X churned up surprisingly good sales numbers. Samsung once posted a record of a massive 80 million units that were sold of the Galaxy S4. no Samsung phone since then has even been able to reach that number. What will Samsung’s next move be? Do they have anything unique up their sleeves to make up for the loss? Only time will tell.

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