Xiaomi Notebooks Take A Nosedive – To Sell For 700 Yuan ($105) Cheaper

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, has released a couple of laptops in recent times and these products have performed pretty well in the market. Now, there is a huge discount on different Xiaomi notebooks from 400 Yuan ($60) to 800 Yuan ($120) off. If you have a contact in China, this may be a good time to make a purchase either on Xiaomi official website or Xiaomi Youpin. Some of these discounted Xiaomi notebooks have been listed on Xiaomi Youpin.

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The Xiaomi gaming laptop which was released in March 2018 comes with the highest discount of 800 Yuan ($120) which takes the price of the high version (Intel Core i7+16GB+GTX1060) to 8199 Yuan ($1226). The standard version comes with a 700 Yuan ($105) discount and the current selling price is 5299 Yuan ($792).  The Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3-inch, on the other hand, has a 400 Yuan ($60) discount and its selling for 4,999 Yuan ($747).

The company was not entirely specific to the time frame of these discounts but we are quite certain that it will not last for a long time. A $100 discount is quite appreciable and Xiaomi may not want to extend this discount for long. One major disadvantage for international users is that Xiaomi Youpin does not ship outside China and Xiaomi official website is usually flooded for international buyers. Thus you can easily purchase this device if you have a contact in China who will obtain it and then ship it to you.

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