TSMC expects a high demand for Smartphone SoCs in counterpart to Cryptocurrency mining chips

We are close to September when Apple will be revealing their next generation of iPhone. This time, the company will bring three new variants of the handsets, each with a different display size. Among the companies that usually source components for the big fruit company, TSMC seems to be really optimistic about the demand for chipsets.

Despite the fact that the semiconductor manufactures has experienced an “average” chipset sales of smartphone SoCs, it expects to see a big boost with the arrival of 2018 iPhones. The US manufacturer will supposedly unveil the first 7nm A12 chip, that should break another milestone in terms of power and energy efficiency. For 2020, TSMC plans to source the first line of 5nm chipsets for Apple.

TSMC also mentioned how illusory was its venture into the cryptocurrency venture. If you’re unaware, the chip manufacturer has been producing high-power mining equipment, but with the price drop of cryptocurrencies, its quarterly revenue for the June-September period should be really disappointing.

With the arrival of the trio of new iPhones, TSMC is keen to experience a huge increase on the demand for its smartphone chips. The company’s CEO finished its statement saying that the strong smartphone SoC sales will be marked by Q4 2018.

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