Upcoming Huawei Phone Might Ditch the Notch for a Hole in the Display

Essential PH-01 Image courtesy: Android Police

Huawei’s latest flagships, the P20 and the Nova 3 series are all notched smartphones. Folks at ETNews have reported that Huawei might be ditching the notch completely on their next smartphone. Instead, they would be using a camera drilled into the display. The earpiece and other sensors can be housed on a tiny bezel above. This would lead to the elimination of the notch and a higher screen-to-body ratio. This device will sport a 6.39-inch LCD display and is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

While the idea does seem innovative, it will still leave a circular/semi-circular cutout on top. The design is reminiscent of the Essential PH-01’s notch which was just the camera. The diagrams reported by ETNews hint depict a similar setup. Essentially all the bezel around the front camera will be reduced. It might not please people who absolutely hate notches, but if you are ready to compromise, this seems like a good bet.

Phone-makers like Vivo and Oppo have gone ahead and completely removed the top bezel by introducing mechanical camera modules. But simply by the virtue of being mechanical, the movable parts have their drawbacks. Huawei’s design could kick off, but it would not be an effective method of removing the notch. To be honest, it would just look like another Essential PH-01 with the exception being that it’s made by Huawei. Another way phone makers could use to remove the notch is to use the display as a front camera. Synaptics ClearID sensor that is used for in-display fingerprint scanning in the Vivo Nex is essentially an image capturing sensor. If putting that under a screen is possible, why not put the camera sensor there!

What do you think about this design? Is a little notch better than a wide one? Or would you rather prefer a mechanical camera instead of having a notch? Let us know in the comments below.

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1 Comment

  1. Humberto Patricio
    July 19, 2018

    Its nice to see new hardware design approaches since Nokia´s golden era!
    Lets wait and see how it results in reality..