Samsung Galaxy A Series to have Double-Digit Models

Galaxy A8 2018
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Samsung has filed for trademarks in Europe for devices named A10, A30, A50, A70, and A90. This is the first instance where the A-series would go double-digits. While I cannot see any pros to these the one con that comes to mind is Samsung’s confusing nomenclature. Other than the Galaxy S and Note phones, identifying a Samsung phone is difficult thanks to their horrible naming conventions. There’s alphabets, numbers and in a few years, you might even see emoji as names for Samsung phones.

Even though the trademarks belong to Samsung, a notable detail is a lack of “Galaxy” in their names. It is known that only Tizen-branded phones do not have the Galaxy branding. Is Samsung trying to build an army of Tizen powered smartphones? These are mere speculations so I suggest you take this with a pinch of salt.

Another report has hinted that Samsung would be merging the Note lineup into the Galaxy S line-up, thus effectively getting rid of the Note lineup. There is a huge possibility that we may not get to see a Note device next year. Instead, a Galaxy S10 with an S-Pen is a more probable possibility. The Note 9 sales target is also just 12 million units, about a million more than the Note 8. This is a clear hint as to the end of the Note line.

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