Chuwi HiGame mini PC can utilize the Thunderbolt port for eGPU usage

Chuwi HiGame

The new Chuwi HiGame is a mini PC build for the gaming enthusiasts with pretty powerful specs including the very good Radeon RX Vega M graphic card. But for some real intense graphics operation and gaming you would maybe need even something more brutal and that’s where the Thunderbolt 3 port of the HiGame can very much come in handy.

Thunderbolt 3 port allows the external GPU (eGPU) to be connected to the mini-PC you can really push the performance to the limit. Pretty good list of the current eGPU options can be found for example in here. And what are the top benefits for using the eGPU solution ?

  • With external GPUs, it will be possible to unleash your notebooks true potential for graphics intense applications, such as rendering and most importantly gaming.
  • External GPUs future proof your laptop, allowing upgradeability of your GPU, and reducing the chance of you being stuck with an outdated and redundant laptop.External graphics cards will particularly appeal to the teenage gamer, especially anyone moving out and going to college, looking to retain graphics performance of desktop-grade graphics with an eGPU, whilst allowing for portability and practicality of the notebook around campus.

External GPU enclosures make current gen notebooks VR-ready with powerful full sized, discrete GPUs, such as the Nvidia GeForce Titan X. Only the top end mobile integrated GPUs are VR-ready and hence are only in the top-end of gaming laptops

You can still back the Chuwi HiGame campaign with huge discount on Indiegogo to help reach the next stretch goal for free 16 GB RAM upgrade with the i7 version of 256 SSD disk storage for the I5 version. Check it out.

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