Samsung’s first very own mobile GPU is almost ready


A new report coming from EETimes has come to the fore today revealing that Samsung is in the closing stages of developing its own mobile GPU to put in the Exynos chipsets. Samsung has had its eyes on getting its own graphics processor since long, but it has relied upon Mali chips for its Exynos line. The report suggests that prototype testing has been done and the GPU has been found to offer “exceptional performance” and it could be used in smartphones and smart computers.

The GPU is built from the ground up by former Nvidia veteran Chien-Ping Lu who worked in the PC graphics department when he was at Nvidia. Now he is heading Samsung’s new GPU creation efforts and has completed the project, says the report.

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Another report from analyst Jon Peddie has only good words to say about Samsung’s new GPU. “This is really a big deal — it’s the first new GPU design in 10 years.” He also said that this could put Samsung’s processors on level with Apple’s chips.

However, it still isn’t known when Samsung will employ the new GPUs or what will the new line of products be called. The Galaxy Note 9 seems out of the race for now, and our best bet would be on the Galaxy S10 that is launching next year. We’ve also had a sniff about Samsung working on its own mobile gaming device and the new GPU would be the perfect candidate for Samsung’s first gaming phone.

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