Huawei Smartphones Blacklisted – Cant Get VLC Player From Play Store

This news is quite surprising but its true. First of all, it has nothing with Huawei been a Chinese brand as some will want to swiftly think but its about VideoLAN protecting its head here. Huawei’s battery software optimization is quite stringent that it completely cut off all apps running on the background of your smartphone except it is one of Huawei’s. This action is definitely tremendous for the rating of VLC player thus VideoLAN developers had little or no option but to blacklist Huawei’s devices from receiving its app.

As controversial as VideoLAN decision is, it sounds logical and as of now, it’s not known of Huawei will respond to this blacklisting. VideoLAN’s decision means that Huawei phones can no longer find VLC media player on Google Play Store. Most users dont understand that the low performance of VLC media player on their Huawei phones is as a result of Huawei’s restrictions. They just go ahead and give the app a very low rating and it was becoming a menace to VideoLAN. More specifically, background playback is restricted when the screen is turned off.

VLC media player is quite popular amongst Android users and this blacklisting will probably get to Huawei faster than we think.

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  1. apple2005
    July 27, 2018

    I installed VLC in my Huawei Honor 7 just now to prove your claim. It is working normally .

  2. Rabbitkun
    July 27, 2018

    Whatever, MX player is still better on android than VLC.

    • Michael Ogbonnaya
      July 28, 2018

      I’ll have to oppose that comment. MX Player cannot play a lot of video formats that VLC is capable of playing. This I can say with certainty and experience. Can MX player .vob formats? VLC can handle all that. Also, there are certain .mp4 and .mkv format with DVD audio encoding which MX can’t handle but VLC plays them effortlessly.

      Your claim that MX is better than VLC is completely false.

    • Rabbitkun
      July 29, 2018

      Wow dude you’re weird why would you put .vob on your phone? :/ you could at least convert it to mp4, sorry but the MX Player hasn’t failed me yet on any videos that I’ve played with it. As long as it plays any mp4 or mkv that I get my hands on I would stick to my claim. And I’ve tried VLC on android before it’s not as good as the PC version.

  3. Slavoljub Nong Darko Komljenović
    July 27, 2018

    I just installed it on my Huawei Mate 10 pro and it works fine, this place is going down the pan

  4. June April
    July 28, 2018

    Copy and paste. However, all the other mobile news sites are into it.