Huawei Reduces Staff Provident Fund By Over 50% – Employees Cries Out


Recently, some Huawei employees said that the Beijing employee provident fund payment standard was adjusted from 12% to 5 %. In response, Huawei officially said that its salary income has always been the best in the industry, and it adheres to the principle of contribution distribution and avoidance. At present, the company’s human resources department is informing employees about the specific payment.

Previously, Huawei employees believed that “Huawei has been paying the minimum standard. Before Beijing, the minimum was 12%. Now Huawei has lowered its follow-up. The lowest in Shenzhen has been 5%. In other cities, Huawei pays based on local minimum standards, an employee said. Another employee said that the adjustment was not made known in advance and the company’s approach was too casual.

However, Huawei believes that its standards are consistent. The company now adjusts the proportion of housing provident fund in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Jinan, Hangzhou and Langfang to 5%, which is consistent with the deposit standards in Shenzhen and other places. At present, the company’s human resources department is informing employees about the specific payment situation, reminding everyone to pay attention to the changes in the amount of the provident fund. However, many employees claim that the changes have already been effected before the information and the company actions were quite harsh towards them. Honestly, running a company as huge as Huawei is an uphill task and it is not as easy as it appears. However, do you think that Huawei was right to dramatically reduce the provident fund of its employees?

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