Is AllCall Bringing a Full-Screen Phone Vivo NEX style?

AllCall S1

The full-screen smartphone design is one of the market trends that’s here to stay. Almost every phone maker is trying their best to provide a real full-screen phone. This all began when Xiaomi initially launched the first MIX concept phone, after that we’ve seen the Essential Phone and then the Apple iPhone X, all devices that tried really hard to achieve this goal but ultimately failed. In recent times, we’ve finally seen two handsets that could actually be called full-screen: the Oppo Find X and the VIVO NEX.

Well, apparently we’ll soon have a third player to join this almost literally cutting-edge trend, we’re talking about AllCall. The Chinese phone maker did indeed just reveal their plans to launch the “second real full-screen phone in the world”, namely called AllCall S1.

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The AllCall S1 is supposed to bring an incredibly high screen-to-body ratio, very slim bezels and a premium design. These are all only rumors at this point though, as we somehow doubt the smaller smartphone manufacturer has their hands on the kind of tech that would make this possible. That said, you never know, they might be partnering up with bigger and more advanced companies, kind of like what OnePlus is doing with Oppo.

The real question about the phone we see depicted in the image above is: how will the front camera work? Will it pop up VIVO NEX style? Does it flip from the back? Is it hidden anywhere else? It’s really hard to say what would be the best solution at the moment, because a camera that pops out is definitely cooler, but then there’s a risk of mechanical failure in the long term

Either way, we’re really looking forward to checking out the AllCall S1, hopefully they’ll bring what’s been promised! If you want to stay updated with their phones, here‘s their official website.

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