Samsung Takes Another Dig at Apple and it’s Hilarious

While I do not like Samsung as a smartphone maker, I do like the ads they make to diss Apple. The ads are short, to the point and hilarious. I like how companies put so much thought into making ads. If only they put so much thought into not fragmenting their smartphone lines across price segments, and also, pushing out updates. But hey, the ads are great, right? Who cares about a not having Oreo in a recently released smartphone?

Not long ago, we had reported an ad by Samsung that took Apple’s case in the best way possible. And Samsung seems to have no plans of stopping. There are three more ads that Samsung has outed under the “ingenious” banner that takes a dig at the shortcomings of the iPhones or more precisely, the iPhone X. And you need to watch them because they are downright true and hilarious. I have no intention of spoiling them for you, so check them out below.




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  1. Johhny John
    July 27, 2018

    What do you expect, Samsung is the leader in tech.