Leaked : New rugged model OUKITEL WP2 coming soon


The OUKITEL brand is slowly trying to weigh in into the rugged phone territory and has released two rugged models already this year with K10000 Max and WP5000. And seems like a new rugged piece is on the way, because the first info about the upcoming OUKITEL WP2 model just got leaked.

OUKITEL WP2 is apparently going to be building on the legacy of the K10000 Max, because it will be packing the massive 10.000 mAh battery and of course the IP68 certification for the rugged qualities. Using the Gorilla Glass, Polystyrene Ebonite and Polyethylene Flexible Glue the phone should bring quite an exceptional resistance to the water, dust, scratches and bumps. After all check the following video with the first showing of the phone.

There is so far no word about the actual hardware of the phone, except the vague words about it to be “the upgraded” version of K10000 Max. OUKITEL WP2 should hit the market somewhere around the end of August, so I’m pretty sure the company will soon publish some more detailed information on their website. Stay tuned.

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