2018 iPhone trio will break Apple’s record, analyst predicts 350M sales in 1-year


A new analyst report was obtained by the folks at 9to5Mac claiming that the upcoming iPhone trio, set to be announced in the next month, will create a massive boost in the number of upgrades in a 12 to 18 month period. The GBH Insights adds that we should see 350M iPhone sales during this period, due to the bigger offer that Apple will bring to its customers.

While the last year’s iPhones sold pretty well, they weren’t enough to convince old iPhone owners to further upgrade. Of course, this can be explained by the not-so-big upgraded introduced by the iPhone 8 in comparison with its predecessor. Also, the iPhone X and its $999 price tag was another barrier that prevented customers from upgrading.


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With the new 2018 iPhones, Apple will introduce a premium plus-sized iPhone, a normal standard one, and a budget LCD version. Note that this “budget” will not necessarily mean cheap, but a budget for the Apple standards. All the users who have skipped last year editions for a better upgrade should feel tempted with this new flexible offer of iPhones. This will probably create a wave of new shipments, beating Apple’s own records.

Of course, the largest number of shipments should be originated in China. According to this report, it is estimated that 100 million iPhone owners are in the country, and 60-70 million of them, would enjoy an upgrade or will need one in the next 18 months. With the iPhone 2018 launch nearing the shores, let’s see if what Apple will introduce will be enough to fulfill these estimates.

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