Xiaomi Mini Neck Massager Released For 269 Yuan ($40)

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, has released its new Xiaomi Mini neck massager. Though this massager is designed for the neck, it can massage other parts of the body that has a similar curvature like the neck – e.g. the lap.

It is quite easy to get exhausted from sitting in a position for a long time or fiddling your phone in one spot. Neck and shoulder pain are very common as a result of this lifestyle. Thus the Xiaomi eco-chain company iHeath has launched a neck massager, which claims to relax the tight muscles in 15 minutes.

The new product is called Xiaomi MINI neck massager and it comes with a 269 Yuan ($40) price tag. This is a third-party product which is shipped by Tianjin Jiu’an Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. and it also provides after sale service. 

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It has 4 spherical built-in massage contacts which engage the skin and rotates to give a perfect massage. The diameter of the massage sphere is 15mm. The contact with the skin and the thumb are light and flat to produce a consistent force shape. Just like the thumb kneading, the third gear is adjustable in rhythm, whether it is slowly relaxing or quick pain. It is compatible with two-way kneading, one-button adjustment, and other features.

The Xiaomi Mini massager is equipped with a pure copper motor with a speed of 5,800 times per minute. It has two built-in directions and can be switched at will. The natural angle of the massager is 120°, which fits perfectly with the curvature of the human neck. With its flexible design, the neck and other similar parts of the body can be massaged.

xiaomi mini neck massager

This product is currently available on Xiaomi Youpin. This store only ships within China and the website is in Chinese. If you need this product, then keep a tab with us and we will bring you a deal when available on other popular websites.

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  1. Mitch McCrimmon
    August 28, 2018

    I like Xiaomi but isn’t this site supposed to be about phones and related technology? If they release toilet paper are you going to write about that too??

    • Xypleth
      August 29, 2018

      What’s wrong with toilet paper? I can’t possibly imagine what a smart toilet paper would be, but if anyone can do it, it’s Xiaomi.