Samsung Electronics: All Devices Will Be Equipped with AI in 2020


Everywhere you can read the phrase ‘we are living in the era of smart devices.’ That’s it. But not all of those products support artificial intelligence. This is going to change soon. At least, Samsung will design only products that support AI. On the evening of September 7, Maja Pantic, the executive of Samsung Electronics’ artificial intelligence (AI) business, said that by 2020, they will apply artificial intelligence technology to all devices.

Pantic is a professor at Imperial College London and one of the leaders of the Samsung Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Center. She said that the artificial intelligence technology developed by Samsung will always be user-centered and provide them with practical and safe services.

Pantic said: ‘By 2020, all Samsung devices will be equipped with artificial intelligence technology to create new experiences and value for users.’

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Samsung Electronics officially opened the Cambridge Artificial Intelligence Center on May 22 this year. Its research focus is on developing advanced emotion recognition technology based on artificial intelligence. The center is led by Pantic and Andrew Blake, who served as director of the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge.

Samsung has five human intelligence centers around the world, including the Toronto and Moscow centers. So they all are working on developing Samsung artificial intelligence services that are completely ‘user-centric.’ She said: “User-centric means connecting a large number of devices and bringing more help to users.’

These devices will perform some common tasks for users while also providing personalized services. They can improve performance through continuous learning and support.

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As part of this strategy, Samsung Electronics is developing basic technologies in a variety of fields, including voice and visual recognition, robotics, machine learning, and data analysis.

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