Xiaomi’s new Bangalore Mi Home and Headquarters tour!

Xiaomi is planning to launch some smart home products on September 27th and the company invited me on behalf of Gizchina to the event but there was something more too a day before the event. I landed a day earlier in Bangalore to visit Xiaomi’s new and vast 4-storey headquarters situated at the Embassy Tech Village road where the company also has a dedicated Mi Home Store on the ground floor. We were treated to a tour of the whole premises with hundreds of employees which is divided into segments – Sales, Finance, HR, and so on.

One of the most interesting parts of the tour was to see Xiaomi’s Mi Home products like the Mi Electric Scooter, the Mi Ninebot Mini, the Mi Drone, the Mi TVs, the Black Shark Gaming smartphone, and a ton of others which you don’t normally get to see at Xiaomi’s retail stores. Manu Kumar Jain told us at the event that the company is planning to bring a lot of these smart home products which the company sells in China already to India albeit gradually.

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The event ended with Xiaomi creating history by lighting up a huge 9,500 LED bulb MI logo Mosaic that is now in the Guinness World Record books. This was to celebrate Xiaomi’s landmark achievement of first-ever 10 million sales (in a quarter) in the history of the country, said Manu Kumar Jain at the event. We’ve shot quite a few photos of the event you might want to check out in the gallery below.

We’ll also be covering the launch event tomorrow and bringing you information of the latest Mi Home Products to launch so stay tuned for that.

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