Best Buy messes up, sells unreleased 3rd generation Chromecast

In what is possibly the most idiotic happening this week, Best Buy has sold an unreleased product to a customer. The product in this case is the 3rd generation Chromecast, a gadget set to release on the 9th of October. It’s almost astonishing how this has managed to happen, and it even got posted to Reddit of all places.

The original poster on Reddit says he went to Best Buy to pick up a Chromecast Ultra. The cashier apparently had issues scanning the device, but let him have it anyway since he already had it in his hands. The discovery was only made when the poster got home and found it to be a fundamentally different device from the current Chromecast.

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The new Chromecast has a thicker shell than the previous model, with a new matte finish all around. The Google Chrome logo has been dropped for a smaller ‘G’ and the HDMI connector no longer magnetically attaches to the device. Not everything’s changed however, since the 3rd generation Chromecast still uses a microUSB instead of USB-C.

This is honestly one of the most surprising mess ups this writer’s seen in years. The fact that the poster went to Best Buy, was given an unreleased product and just left is hilarious. We’re not sure what this means for the employee who allowed this to happen, but it can’t possibly be good.

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