Samsung is already trolling the Pixel 3 XL’s ugly notch

Pixel 3

Samsung likes to troll its competitors about the notch issue. And after the Apple iPhone, it is the turn of the Google Pixel 3 XL. Samsung’s may be the biggest Android beneficiary after Google, but that doesn’t mean the Korean smartphone maker is not going to criticize Google’s latest phone, which is competing directly against the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9.

Samsung started trolling the Pixel 3 and the ugly notch on the XL model as soon as Google unveiled it earlier this week.

Google is the latest company to join the ranks of iPhone X clone makers, and Google managed to create an incredibly ugly notch version. Crammed inside the thing are two front-cameras as well as a front speaker.

Samsung is yet to mock the Pixel in ads, an honor it reserves for the iPhone, but the @SamsungMobileUS has been quite vocal about the Pixel 3, mocking that notch from the moment Google unveiled the new phones.

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The US branch of Samsung Mobile answered to a tweet about the Pixel 3XL notch with a lot of irony: ” You can land a plane on it”. The attack is obviously directly addressed to the notch of the Google Pixel 3 XL.

In theory, competition allows different manufacturers to go the extra mile to provide the best possible product. And if the Galaxy Note 9 is a great success, do not forget that Samsung has experienced serious setbacks in 2016 with the serial explosions of Note 7. Nobody is safe from the trolls.

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  1. African Yaw3h
    October 11, 2018

    So ugly yet so expensive, I wonder y