JerryRigEverything’s Latest Creation is a Transparent Back Google Pixel 3

pixel 3

Google’s Pixel 3 is one of the latest and more talked about devices, both because it’s a Google phone and due to its design and hardware configuration which haven’t pleased everybody, to say the least.

Well, today, most known Youtube JerryRigEverything has decided to make the Pixel 3 a little prettier on yet another of his amazing transparent back transformation videos.

As we can see in the video below, Zack tears down the phone and, as he usually does, takes off the paint job from the glass back of the device. That results in a transparent piece of glass which he then puts back on the phone to achieve that “wow” factor.

We have to say that the result is pretty stunning, probably one of the best naked phones he’s ever created. If it weren’t for the warranty getting voided and the high risk of damaging the phone, we’d suggest you doing the entire process on your brand new Google Pixel 3 as well.

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Pixel 3

So, either you decide to do it or not it’s your sole responsibility, we’re just saying the Pixel 3 looks better after the undressing treatment; don’t you think so? Let us know down below!

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