Latest LG patent hints uniform bezels and square-ish camera module

In 2017 LG debuted the 18:9 trend with the LG G6, the device wasn’t the most bezel-less smartphone of the gang but came with a brand-new taller display. This year, however, the company decided to be part of the Notch army with the LG G7 ThinQ. According to a new set of patents, the controversial design language, wasn’t in the company’s original plans.

The patent in question was filed way back in 2016 and granted just one week ago. LG’s patents envisioned three similar smartphones with varying corner radiuses featuring all-screen designs completed by uniform top and bottom bezels. This design language was followed by a single selfie camera and a rear module that resembles the square-ish set of sensor adopted by Huawei with the Mate 20 series. Last but not least, there is a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner just below the camera module.

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Considering that this is just a patent, there is no guarantee that the company will ever use this design. Especially when LG has shown that it’s a fan of the notch. The camera module, however, can be considered more close to the reality, since LG is always experimenting with advanced camera setups.

At the moment it’s too soon to talk about a future LG smartphone, especially with the LG V40 being a recent launch. We expect to see a new LG flagship only towards May 2019.

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  1. SkidMark007
    October 30, 2018

    If LG puts a notch on the front like all there recent phones, G7/V40, then they will have a knock off Huawei Mate 20 phone without the great cameras! Since LG cant think on there own, all they do is copy Apple on the front and Huawei on the back, without the R&D, Excellence or Service/Support that both those companies provide. Just another wanna-be follower with no insight or thought!!!