Apple plans to launch 5G iPhone in 2020 with Intel modem

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5G is undoubtedly the biggest hot topic in the current mobile phone circle. It is also seen as a savior to promote the rapid development of the mobile phone industry. Many brands are exposing 5G mobile phone plans and we will see the first batch of products next year.

According to the latest report, Apple will launch the first iPhone supporting 5G communication in 2020 using Intel 5G baseband.

The well-known American business magazine Fast Company reported that Apple is planning to launch a 5G iPhone in 2020 using Intel’s 8161 modem. It is worth noting that the 8161 modem will be built using Intel’s 10 nanometer process.

The Intel 10nm process was originally planned for mass production in 2016, but it encountered many problems. At the end of last month, Intel’s interim CEO Bob Swan said that the 10-nanometer process is improving, but it may not be ready until 2019 for mass production.

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When the iPhone adopts 5G capabilities, Intel is expected to become Apple’s only baseband chip supplier, although Apple has always been “unsatisfied” with Intel. Fast Company magazine speculated that the heat dissipation problem of the 8060 modem may be the reason for the tension between the two companies.

Apple is said to be negotiating with existing supplier MediaTek. If Intel can’t solve the above problem, then Apple may want MediaTek to provide more modem chips.

4G LTE is the existing standard for wireless communication technology, and 5G will be rapidly popularized among mobile phone manufacturers in the next few years. Qualcomm is said to be actively preparing to produce a 5G chipset and hopes to use it in the first flagship smartphones launched in 2019.

In general, Apple’s use of the latest technology on the iPhone is often relatively slow. For example, the first generation of iPhone did not support the 3G standard at the time of its launch, and 4G LTE technology did not appear in the iPhone 5 until 2012.

Now, mobile network operators are still at a very early stage in deploying 5G networks, and its popularity will be a slow process.

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