Google to enhance smart home applications using vacuum cleaners

Google recently announced that it will work with iRobot to further enhance smart home device applications through iRobot’s sweeping robot. According to iRobot, working with Google in the future will increase the efficiency of smart home device automation applications, while simplifying the process of setting up networked devices and improving operational convenience.

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With iRobot’s sweeping robot “Roomba spatial positioning measurement technology”, it will make it easier for the system to know the location of the connected devices in the home, and then use the Google Assistant digital service to enable the connected network devices more accurately. For example, it is faster to confirm which lights in the kitchen should be lit, and not to open the lights in the living room.

However, after all, such technology applications will involve sharing the user’s personal location information to Google. Even if Google promises not to share this private information with others, many potential users will be skeptical because the company may bow to pressure in the future. As far as Google is concerned, it emphasizes that such information will only be applied to connected devices, and will not be tied to the advertising system or other Google services, and users can still choose whether to share such information with Google.

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