Stone Technology and DuPont Reached a Strategic Partnership

Stone Technology

On November 6, 2018, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise – Stone Technology and DuPont reached a strategic partnership at the China International Import Expo and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement.

Relying on the professional experience of Stone technology in the field of household smart cleaning robots and other cleaning appliances, and DuPont’s solid accumulation in materials technology and innovation development, the two sides will further deepen the technology of artificial intelligence, new materials, cloud services, and so on.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Chang Jing, founder and CEO of Stone Technology, pointed out that ‘scientific and technological innovation has become an important driving force to influence and promote the consumer revolution. With DuPont’s more than 200 years of market experience and special material solutions, we firmly believe that we can bring smarter products with a better technology and high performance to the market, continuously expand the market share of service robots, and make technology services pragmatic and make life better.’

The rise of labor costs, the rapid development of smart sensing technology, and the introduction of support policies have enabled China’s service robot industry to enter the golden age of industrialization acceleration.

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The current performance of artificial intelligence depends on three aspects: First, the level of hardware upgrade, including computer technology and speed; Second, there is more human intervention, so there should be algorithms and logic; The third is the amount of memory, the amount of data, the human brain storage must have a limitation, but the machines shouldn’t. Therefore, if people do not intervene, there will be no artificial intelligence.

Stone Technology is a technology product company specializing in AI and Fengguang Electromechanical. It has a huge user base in the field of laser sweeping robots. Combined with the self-developed SLAM algorithm, it continuously updates the firmware to improve artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve a better user experience.

At the beginning of last month, Ipsos, the world’s third largest market research group, released the latest research report on sales data of laser sweeping robots. In each of the five major e-commerce channels, every 8.4 out of 10 sold laser sweeping robots were from Stone Technology. The sales volume of laser sweeping robots accounted for 84.5% of the five major e-commerce channels.

This strategic partnership not only reflects the strong development momentum of Stone Technology in the past year but also confirmed the strong technical strength and growth of the company.

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