Xiaomi Le Fan back massage cushion hits the market for 529 yuan ($77)

Xiaomi Lefan Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart health brand that focuses on personal relaxation and massage machines. This company collaborates with many well-known companies including Xiaomi. Le Fan has a couple of massage machines in Xiaomi’s lineup which include Le Fan’s foot kneading massager, Le Fan kneading massage pillow, Le Fan eye hot/cold massager, Le Fan magic massage sticker etc.

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Today, the new Le Fan back massage cushion joined Xiaomi’s lineup. This massage cushion supports heat massaging, fixed kneading and other options. It comes with a 529 yuan ($77) price tag. The Le Fan massage cushion can turn the office chair into a massage chair, alleviating the back pain caused by the office work for 8 hours a day. It is small and does not take up space. It can be turned into a massage chair by simply placing the product on a seat or a sofa.

It uses 3D simulation massage and has massage heads of different sizes. Its got a high, low, light and heavy massage heads to simulate a real human finger. It also supports three modes: walking kneading, full back massage, and fixed point massage. The massage width can be adjusted to fit different back curves.

At the same time, the massage head uses PTC heating technology and the constant temperature heating massage promotes blood circulation. In addition, it has a dual motor structure which makes it more powerful power. It also comes with a minimalist remote control feature, detachable headrest, waterproof and sweat-proof features.

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