Google removes 2 popular Android apps that enabled click fraud

Google Play store

Admittedly, Google does not control its application store as required and on Android you can easily install many malicious apps which infect our devices. Some steal personal data, others activate unwanted subscription services, and still others even manage to use our smartphone as cryptocurrent minerals.

Occasionally, fortunately, Google acts and today it does so by removing two applications: CM File manager and Kika keyboard. Both contained code that could cheat the customer in various ways through clicks on advertisements. The developer Cheetah Mobile has defended itself by saying that it has no control over the companies that provide the advertisements included in the app, but it is still difficult to believe that it did not know anything, given that it is clear how it could make a considerable profit from the situation. The Kika Keyboard application had achieved more than 100 million downloads according to AppBrain and CM file Manager as many as 50 million.

The two applications can be put back on the Play Store, after providing Google all evidence of having removed all traces of malicious software.

It is worth to mention that Google has published its selctions for the best content on the Play Store for this year, and unlike previous editions, user ratings have been taken into account for apps and movies.

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