Huawei & British security officials reach agreement on the UK’s 5G business

Huawei 5G

Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, is one of the major players in the development of 5G technology. However, it has faced some major setbacks in dealing with countries like the US, New Zealand and a host of others. These countries expressed security concerns and some have even banned the use of Huawei’s equipment for 5G development. The European continent seems to be free with Huawei and many countries in the region have welcomed the company.

The UK has never really been opposed to Huawei’s business and now, reports show that Huawei has reached an agreement with British security officials to address the risks found in its equipment and software to avoid failure of the UK’s 5G business. At a meeting held this week by Huawei executives and senior officials of the GCHQ National Cyber Security Center, Huawei agreed to a series of technical requirements for Huawei equipment in the UK. These requirements may change Huawei’s business in the UK.

Earlier, according to a British “Financial Times” report, British Telecom will completely remove Huawei equipment from its core 4G network in the next two years to ensure that the company’s mobile phone business is in line with internal policies. The policy aims to marginalize Huawei equipment in the telecommunications infrastructure. At the same time, BT also prohibited Huawei from participating in the bidding for the supply contract of the company’s core 5G network equipment. However, in relatively minor network facilities, the company still uses Huawei’s components.

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