VPN for Mobile Devices: Is It a Must-Have?


In the modern world of the all-around control, Internet users tend to take care of their online security and install VPN on their PC’s. The virtual private network (known as VPN) is a secure Internet linkage. The data are transferred not directly through the provider or Wi-Fi, they are transmitted through a closed and encrypted channel. Thereby, the server which provides this channel may be located in another country. It means that your IP address will change in this net. It seems that the user is connected from another country while all the data are encrypted with strong algorithms. Thus, the data are not available to the third persons.

However, it is necessary to remember that cell phones and tablets are 24/7 connected to the Internet. All the private info, credit cards’ details, as well as websites’ passwords,  are saved in mobile devices. Nowadays, there are numerous VPN providers compatible with iOS and Android. Some of them are costly, some are free. Unfortunately, in the experience of users, free services are less reliable. However, in the market, there are services ensuring secure Internet using, like zenmate VPN, at reasonable prices.

VPN for cell phones or tablets is widely used by travelers. There are many countries which impose governmental restrictions on the websites, services, and messengers which can be linked to by the users. For example, North Korea, the Muslim countries, China, Ukraine, Russia, etc. Traveling to one of those countries, it is better to take care of VPN in advance. As after arriving, it is very likely to face problems while installing it on a device.

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For example, in China, to avoid unpleasant surprises of having no access to Google or WhatsApp read the information and start your trip “fully armed”. The reasons to install VPN on your cell phone:

  • Protection of traffic, thus securing your banking details (especially if a bank application is installed), private information and files;
  • Access to all the world content – freedom on the Internet from any country;
  • Possibility to buy goods and order services cheaper: it is no longer a secret that the prices vary depending on the country from which the user is checking them; the more times you have checked the airline or hotel booking websites, the higher the price will be. With VPN it is possible to save your money.

While using VPN for a PC or cell phone, it is necessary to take into account that not all the transmitted information is encrypted. Checklist for choosing a VPN provider:

  • The level of connection encryption;
  • Secrecy of linkage to a server;
  • Log files storage;
  • Cooperation with the third persons and disclosing of information to them.

If you take care of confidentiality of the private info and security of Internet browsing, check the Top 10 list prepared by Bestvpnrating.com. Taking care in advance is always better than becoming a victim of frauds or thieves. Do not ignore potential threats, install VPN and protect your device and yourself.

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Dainan Gilmore is an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a Cryptanalyst for the Bestvpnrating.com.

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