Oppo announces its proprietary voice assistant, Breeno

The manufacturing industry is advancing and current trends are centered on AI and IoT. OEM’s now spend time on voice assistant research and we have the likes of Bixby (Samsung), XiaoAi (Xiaomi) and others. Earlier today, OPPO, held its annual Developer Conference where Wu Heng, vice president of OPPO and president of its Software Engineering Division, announced the launch of the company’s intelligent voice assistant Breeno. At the same time, OPPO announced the official opening of Breeno voice skills platform and smart service platform.

According to OPPO, Breeno is an intelligent assistant that integrates perception, decision-making, and learning. Through natural multi-modal interaction, users can enjoy personalized service. Breeno’s philosophy is to open, share, and create. OPPO hopes that Breeno will become the universal ecological hub of IoT.

Breeno contains a total of 7 modules: advice, screen recognition, awareness, speed, voice, driving, space. Breeno’s new intelligent interaction module is suggestion. For example, at the airport, Breeno can automatically show you the boarding gate information, flight information, and who to call info. These pieces of information are automatically suggested by Breeno.

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Wu Heng believes that for the future 5G+ era, the deep integration of 5G and AI cloud computing, AR and other technologies will produce new hardware and services. OPPO will also deepen the “soft, hard, and service” integrated business model, with mobile phones as the core.

He further said that in the future, Breeno will also be the open platform for OPPO’s AI capabilities and there are plans for Breeno to become multi-brand and multi-terminal.


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