Xiaomi Mijia smart 10kg washing & drying machine released for 1999 Yuan ($291)

mijia washing maching

Xiaomi is involved in the production of all sorts of products and the company has accumulated a good number of loyal fans within and outside China who will always try out anything new from the company. The company has officially joined the washing machine industry and it released the 10kg version of the Mijia smart washing and drying machine.

The Xiaomi Mijia smart Washing and Drying Machine supports 10kg washing and 6kg drying which can meet the daily large-capacity washing and drying requirements of most households. The water infusion system is configured such that the water quantity is automatically determined based on the weight of the clothes, and the accurate algorithm is used to estimate the clothes. The weight value matches the appropriate amount of laundry water to avoid waste.

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This product is equipped with the industry-leading BLDC variable frequency motor which ensures that the washing rhythm control is precise, stable, efficient, energy-saving and quiet. The maximum dehydration speed is up to 1400 rpm, which supports 1-hour fast washing and drying. According to the company, the condensing hot air drying technology can dry multiple pieces of clothes at a time. It has a constant temperature control which can make the dried clothes feel like an ironed cloth.

The Xiaomi Mijia smart washing and drying machine supports up to 21 washing modes. You can reserve laundry and dry clothes in advance through the Mijia APP. After the washing and drying are completed, you will be notified. A variety of common modes are present on the control panel: daily washing is suitable for daily wears made from cotton and linen materials, quick washing is suitable for washing light and not too dirty clothes, large washing is suitable for washing sheets, sofa cover. and other thick home textiles such as curtains and blankets.

The 10kg version of the Mijia smart Washing and Drying Machine is actually priced at 2,499 Yuan ($364) but the first set of buyers will pay only 1999 yuan ($291). The number of units for this price was not specified. Official sales of this product will commence on Xaomi Mall and Tmall at 14:00 on December 28.

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  1. newphoenix
    December 27, 2018

    It is interesting how 2000 rmb is $219 and 2500 rmb is $364

  2. S Yrks
    January 1, 2019

    im courious about the dimensions