iOS 12.1.2 update breaks Wi-Fi and Data for some iPhone users

Seems that Apple is having more troubles than we think. Besides all the problems lead by the lower-than-expected iPhone sales, the company is having a bad time with a particular update of iOS 12. The company has recently rushed the iOS 12.1.2 update in order to bring a fix for some Turkey users that were unable to connect to cellular data. However, instead of fixing the problem, the update spread the problem across the world, and introduced a new issue – Now some users are unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks as well.

One Twitter users reported a workaround to bring back the Wi-Fi connectivity to the expensive smartphone. According to him disabling the Wi-Fi calling and changing the settings from voice and data to data only might help. If your iPhone has lost the Wi-Fi connectivity, trying this possible workaround wouldn’t hurt.

Without any kind of connectivity, some iPhone owners now have seen their expensive premium smartphone turned in a simple paperweight.

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Apparently, there is a light of hope at the end of the tunnel, since Apple is beta testing the iOS 12.1.3 update, but we don’t know if this update will fix the referred issues or if it will bring another problem. That’s a hard time to be an iPhone user since they have no idea of what the newer iOS update will do to their iPhones.

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