Why is Xiaomi not a national pride? Chinese netizens ask

May locals in China have often wonder why Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, makes giant strides in other countries especially India but its still in the shadows of Huawei in China. Today, in a short interaction with Lei Jun, some Chinese fans of Xiaomi tried to get Lei Jun to answer the question “Why is Huawei a national brand but Xiaomi is not?”.  Xiaomi’s CEO intelligently passed the question and he gave no direct response.

According to Xiaomi’s 2018 Q3 financial report, Xiaomi ranked first in the Indian mobile phone market for four consecutive quarters, with a significant market share. At the same time, Xiaomi’s mobile phone shipments in Indonesia increased by 337% year-on-year, ranking second. Xiaomi’s mobile phone shipments in Western Europe increased by 386% year-on-year, ranking fourth. In addition, the company has entered the top five in the mobile phone market in 30 countries and regions. Its foreign revenue surged by 112.7% year-on-year, and the proportion of overseas revenue in the third quarter reached 43.9%. It is worth noting that its Q3 global mobile phone shipments fell by 6% year-on-year, and Xiaomi is considered to be the main growth driver of the global mobile phone industry.

So why can’t Xiaomi achieve these figures in China? Does the Chinese need something that Xiaomi doesn’t have? Is it about the stiff competition in the Chinese market or is it related to Xiaomi’s relatively young age? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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