Galaxy S10 Lite may actually debut as Galaxy S10 E

Samsung is expected to debut a trio of new flagship smartphones in late February right before the MWC 2019. Both the premium and standard variants of the devices, monikers are almost carved in stone as Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10. However, the third variant name was a bit undefined, being named just as Galaxy S10 Lite. Thankfully, a Chinese online retailer seems to have finally solved our doubts.

The folks at MobileFun, are currently marketing the device that was previously known as Galaxy S10 Lite will actually debut as Galaxy S10 E. Currently it’s impossible to explain why Samsung has chosen such name, the E could just mean an economic variant of the Samsung flagship, also this isn’t an unseen name, since Motorola also took the “E” for the cheaper line of Motorola devices.

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Apart from the new name, the retailer didn’t bring any new details about the device internals. However, it did mention the lack of an in-display fingerprint scanner, since this handset is expected to debut with a side-mounted scanner. The device in question made a brief appearance yesterday, on the GeekBench Database.

In the end, we’ll just advise you to take this news with a pinch or two of salt, after all, Samsung still hasn’t confirmed the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ or the Galaxy S10 E naming scheme.

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