Norway too may ban Huawei from building 5G infrastructure

Huawei 5G

The super-speedy “fifth-generation” (5G) mobile-phone network is the next big thing to happen to the telecom industry. Telecom service providers within the next few months are expected to have their kits upgraded. Huawei—along with rivals such as Ericsson, a Swedish firm, and Nokia, a Finnish one—aims to be one of the principal suppliers.

While Huawei has so far secured about 25 contracts around the world, the firm, however, is having it tough securing such contracts in several countries amid fears that Chinese firms equipment could be used to spy on behalf of the Chinese government when used to build a country’s communications infrastructure.

The Staes and Britain have already ruled out the possibility of Huawei erecting 5G equipment in their respective countries, and the list of countries expressing concerns keeps growing.

The company could also be missing out of the 5G contract in Norway if words from the country’s justice minister is anything to take seriously. Norwegian Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara in a chat with Reuters said the government is seriously weighing the option of excluding Huawei from actively taking part in its 5G infrastructure deployment.

The country is obviously towing the path of its allies which has raised concerns about espionage on private and state actors in their respective countries.

“This question is high priority…we want to have this in place before we build the next round of the telecom network” Wara said. The  Govt rep further said the Government will follow steps taken in other countries including the United States and Britain if Huawei is found guilty of the allegations.

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