Xiaomi dual foldable phone officially appears online

The smartphone industry will probably see the preponderance of foldable smartphones this year and Xiaomi has started releasing official teasers for its dual foldable smartphone. Lin Bin, co-founder and President of Xiaomi acknowledged that the company faced a couple of issues in the development of its dual foldable phone. However, that the smartphone has been greatly developed and these issues have been quashed. Lin Bin officially teased the Xiaomi dual foldable phone which shows a large “tablet-size device” which can be folded along two axes into a small “5-inch” full-screen smartphone.

According to the company, this will be the first foldable phone in the world which can be flexed along two axes. Thus it is called a “dual foldable” smartphone. Xiaomi president said “This symmetrical dual-folded form perfectly combines the experience of the tablet and mobile phone, which is both practical and beautiful,”

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This device is still at the prototype stage and it may take some time for the actual stuff to touch down. However, we can observe that after folding the smartphone on both axes, the back display does not go off instantly. Nobody would need an active display that is not in use thus this is a problem that Xiaomi need to sort out.

As of now, the company does not have a name for this smartphone and it is asking netizens to suggest a name. Since MWC2019 us scheduled to hold between 23rd and 26th February, it is possible that we will hear more about this device there.

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  1. Cyril Dieudonne
    January 24, 2019

    Mi Awesome should be the name