5G network now spreading through China – Chengdu 5G network speed exceeds 400Mbps

In terms of the development of 5G technology, Europe seems to be ahead of China and a couple of European countries have this network and are just waiting for manufacturers to release compatible devices. Recently, Chengdu Unicom and Chengdu Chenghua District Government announced that China’s first 5G wireless home broadband demonstration community has been officially launched.

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It is reported that upon entering the community, the mobile phone can find a 5G WiFi signal, connect to the WiFi network and the field measures rate of up to 400Mbps. This implies that large videos will take a few seconds to download. More importantly, the speed of the network will not be reduced when the number of connected devices increases. Even if multiple users watch videos online and play games at the same time, each user experience will be seamless.

According to the report, users can receive the 5G signal at home using their cell and then transmit the signal to other parts of the home using WiFi. The deputy general manager of Chengdu Unicom said that residents of the Oriental Pearl Garden can use the WiFi to achieve 5G Internet access at home. He stressed that in the future, there will be no need to carry out cumbersome line access, and ordinary people can enjoy 5G wireless home broadband. The broadband rate is also much higher than the current rate of home cable broadband. And if youre interested in speed test, check it here: https://smallseotools.com/internet-speed-test/ .

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