Xiaomi reveals some new details about its foldable phone, here are some 3D renders

It’s no surprise that Xiaomi is developing a foldable smartphone since a few days ago we had the opportunity to see an official video of the phone in action.

Now, Xiaomi has issued an official statement to LetsGoDigital in which the company describes the foldable smartphone and shares some points about its development and design, as well as the challenges that the flexible screen and the folding mechanism have entailed. It also explains that the double-fold screen has been developed in collaboration with a provider.

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The foldable device of Xiaomi has two folding sections that fold back and are placed behind the phone, which displaces the user interface to use the central section of the device as the only usable area of ​​the phone.

When it is opened, the phone switches to tablet mode with thin frames and a large usable screen area to view applications, videos or anything else.

Interestingly, the video does not show any camera. There could be one behind the central area of ​​the device, which would require having one or both “flaps” of the screen displayed to be able to use the camera. It would make sense to decentralize the camera so that it is possible to take a selfie by folding back a section of the screen to use it as a viewfinder.

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  1. Nishikanta Mohanty
    February 12, 2019

    Great as first mi mix. Bring this in and you are again pioneers in innovation and stong massage to apple that technology for masses can be innovative beautiful and affordable

  2. rajyha
    February 12, 2019

    So… innovation at its best. How will the Anglo’s with leader Trump stop Xiaomi?!

  3. SaudzBoa
    February 12, 2019

    inovation? They just steal the idea and try to be the first to release….Innovation was Apple’s touch screen , that nobody was thinking about Vit to make before. I heard the idea for folding phones many years ago…from other companies. Xiaomi are wanna be brand with copy-paste stealing style.

    • Cyril Dieudonne
      February 14, 2019

      It’s innovative. There is a difference between invention and innovation.

    • rajyha
      February 14, 2019

      You have clearly no knowledge about the Chinese telecom industry.
      Go educate and inform yourself before making unsubstantiated comments and making a fool of yourself.