CHUWI AeroBook will be the next budget laptop to get

CHUWI AeroBook

The CHUWI brand is already pretty well known for releasing affordable laptops with good quality of the build and specs so you should pay attention to their next announced product to hit the market. Or rather hit the crowdfunding, because the new CHUWI AeroBook Indiegogo campaign should start in just few days by the end of February, so it’s the perfect time to register for some extra early-bird discounts.

CHUWI AeroBook will be still a budget laptop, but they are designing it as quite a beauty with aluminum-magnesium alloy body, ultra-narrow 5mm bezels of the 13,3-inch IPS display and 80 % screen to body ratio. The full sized backlit keyboard is also matching the body with ultra narrow bezels and should provide quite some typing comfort with 16 mm key cap and 3 mm spacing between the keys.

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Inside should be ticking some Intel Core M processor alongside 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage (seems like only eMMC though), but luckily there should be most probably also another M.2 SSD slot. Battery life should be at least around 8 hours and of course everything will be running on Windows 10 system. AeroBook will also be pretty thin with 15mm thickness and only 2.76lbs of weight.

The price for the CHUWI AeroBook is expected to be about the $400 mark, but as mentioned before the crowdfuning campaign will be offering some special early bird discounts and promos. Like now, where you can register and help with the clicks to get up to 25% off and gift package worth $80. So check it out on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

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  1. castersx9
    February 26, 2019

    My fear for laptops that are so thin is that they bend easily and can easily have mishaps. SO rather happy this is an aluminum-magnesium alloy body. Does anyone know how rigid this is?

    • EvoReb
      February 26, 2019

      Most laptops these days are made with either an aluminium or magnesium alloy , when both are combined in an alloy the reason is fairly obvious, Aluminium is very rigid which magnesium is easily molded. so here you get a device that can easily be manufactured with good structural integrity. As long as its not plastic then it should hold up for a while. The down side however, is that they don’t do well in high pressure and stress.

    • castersx9
      February 26, 2019

      Do you have any specifics on what pressure or stress levels the system can handle?

  2. Terran Space
    February 26, 2019

    As far as budget devices goes, this is a decent one. wish I could have it in 16GB and more storage though. Certainly an Mac Air vibe going on here

    • James Masters
      February 26, 2019

      once you increase the storage and ram you should be prepared for an increase in cost of the device too. usually the cost might even double. SO I’ll stick with the current specs for the sake of my wallet.. lol