Deep press, Google’s answer to Apple’s 3D Touch, should arrive with Android Q

Android Q 10

Many have seen in some of Google’s choices of recent times a sort of attempt to bring Android to iOS or, at least, to try to make the differences between these two operating systems smaller and with Android Q this approach should continue.

We refer to a feature of the next version of the Mountain View giant operating system that was identified by the staff of 9to5Google and which should be called ” deep press “.

It should be a solution designed to allow the user to interact in a new way with the device: following a stronger pressure than usual, in fact, the operating system should respond with a specific action.


Well, if this feature sounds familiar to you, it’s basically because it reproduces the Force Touch, also known as 3D Touch, a system used by Apple for several years now.

Probably “deep press” will make its debut with Google Pixel 4 but it is likely that many manufacturers decide to exploit this new feature of Android Q with their next smartphone. We’ll see.

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