Android Q shows new quick actions to some users

Android Q 10

The first beta of Android Q was launched more than a month ago and we already know many of the new features of the new version of Android. However, there are some features that are only appearing to a few users in specific places and then disappear and never be seen again. However, they are a sign of what is to come.

We refer to quick actions that act as links between applications. These actions seem to provide developers with ways of catching intents in other apps and directing them to their own. We’ve seen something similar with App Actions in Pie. See a phone number in Chrome? You can save it to your contacts or place a call immediately. Get sent the name of a new music artist in WhatsApp? You can instantly view it in Spotify. But now, there are more actions like these, though they’re lurking in the background and only showing themselves in a few instances.

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The new actions go further since, for example, they also appear in the notifications and, unlike those of Android Pie, they do not seem to be developed based on Google Assistant. Maybe Android Q is preparing to expand the App Actions or maybe it’s something completely different.

One of the places where these actions appear is in the notifications. Some users have detected new buttons in their Android Q notifications.

For example, notifications that contain links have a Chrome button to open them directly in the browser, those with Twitter links suggest the app to open the tweet or those with a date/time suggest a Google Calendar action.

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Another place where these actions appear is in the search. If you are looking for a location in Maps, you may see quick buttons to call that place or get directions to get there.

Also, when selecting text are a quick action to obtain the definition of any selected word and another to track a shipment number of a package and so on.

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