Xiaomi to use the LCD on-screen fingerprint solution next year

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

Presently, a lot of innovation and technological advancement is coming out of China. As of now, the on-screen fingerprint solution is only possible on an OLED display. However, it appears that LCD displays will now have an on-screen fingerprint sensor as a Chinese company, Fortsense, submitted over 160 patents on LCD on-screen fingerprint solution. The company have solved the problem of LCD capacitor signal interference and demonstrated the demo scheme of LCD screen fingerprints. It is expected that some manufacturers’ low-end models will adopt LCD on-screen fingerprint solution in the second half of this year.

However, Xiaomi will not be one of the companies to use the LCD screen fingerprint solution this year. According to Xiaomi’s product director, Wang Teng, the company will use this technology next year and the product will be less than 2000 Yuan ($297). His words

“LCD screen fingerprints are technically feasible, but this year should be less likely to have a product launch. The fastest would be the end of the year or most-likely next year…”

Fortsense launches the world's first LCD on-screen fingerprint solution

Fortsense successfully solved the bottlenecks such as display effects and fingerprint imaging effects through continuous adjustment and improvement of the LCD backlight system. Fortsense adopts an algorithm-assisted approach and realizes the rapid recognition of fingerprints under the LCD screen by using the latest deep learning neural network algorithm optimization. It is known that its fingerprint recognition rate is comparable to traditional capacitive fingerprints, and the algorithm is still In evolution.

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